Chart: Color Schemes

As part of my learning to be a better blogger/communicator, I have been extremely bogged down in learning the world of Graphic Design.

The book I am currently reading is on Color Theory. At the end of the third chapter, the author details several different color schemes but did not show any graphics. I decided to create those graphics to see how they look. It ended up taking significantly longer than I had initially intended.

This is the result of that work. I think I really dig the Monochromatic scheme. I truly hope that this does not mean that I am boring.

*Updated 6/11*

I wanted to see what more individual items looked like so I created the following image from 6 different prime complimentary schemes.


Monochromatic. By far my favorite.


Complimentary. This seems very festive and party like to me. This scheme maximizes the potential contrast.


Split Complimentary. This scheme adds a third color but cuts down on the contrast a bit.


Double Complimentary. This adds a fourth color to the scheme and is comprised of two sets of complimentary colors.


Triadic. Three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel.



Micah Norman

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